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Joe Garner is the ‘Ken Burns’ of the written and recorded word.
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I Met My Murderer Online

I MET MY MURDERER ONLINE is an immersive true crime television and podcast experience that will make you think twice about your next Google search, DM, or dating app swipe. Each episode tells a true, but tragic tale, of how the internet can ensnare the unsuspecting into a devastating date with death. Each chilling story is told by the actual people involved in these deadly encounters, including law enforcement, victim’s family members, and sometimes the murderer themselves.

Joe Garner "I Met My Murderer Online"

We Interrupt This Broadcast becomes #1 on Apple Podcasts!

Brian Williams Discusses "We Interrupt this Broadcast"

It is said that “breaking news” is the first draft of history. “We Interrupt This Broadcast: Before it was history, it was news” marks the first time the stories of these historical events are told exclusively by the broadcasters and TV journalists whose work created those drafts in real-time.

We Interrupt This Broadcast - KTLA Interview

Created by Joe Garner, author of the eponymous New York Times Best-Selling Book, this 12-episode audio docuseries launching July 20, 2021, celebrates the crucial role broadcast journalism has played throughout our nation’s history.


When it comes to America’s pop culture, Joe Garner has become one of its premiere chroniclers.

From broadcast news to famous films, sports to television and comedy, Garner Creative has sought to capture and chronicle the times we live in.  Joe Garner has authored a dozen books, sold more than 2-million hardcover copies, and achieved multiple New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today best sellers.  

A who’s who of entertainment, news, and sports luminaries have lent their talents to our projects, including, Dustin Hoffman, Bob Costas, Brian Williams, Rob and Carl Reiner, four-time NASCAR Cup champion Jeff Gordon, Tom Cruise, and Walter Cronkite.

Joe Garner’s expertise has made him a sought-after guest on radio and television, with appearances on NBC’s Today Show, Fox & Friends, Entertainment Tonight, and hundreds of other shows across the nation. Given as gifts, used in schools and colleges, and returned to again and again as references, Joe’s books entertain and inform, and most importantly they remind us of the great cultural legacy we share.

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Work collaboratively on the content, tone, and direction of each project to maximize its impact on the reader, listener and viewer.


Created through a process of discovery and expression of meaningful stories, intentions, and insights, that achieve the desired emotional response


Bring together the best talent across disciplines to produce content that is impactful and timeless

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Story Development

We believe nonfiction storytelling can be every bit as dynamic, compelling, and thrilling as the best fiction story.


One of the leading podcast concepting and production companies for brands, celebrities, accomplished individuals, entrepreneurs, organizations, and institutions


If you’ve decided publishing or podcasting - or perhaps both - are going to become integral to your branding and marketing strategy, then you’ve come to the right place.


Each presentation is customized and specifically tailored to the theme and demographic makeup of your event.

Featured Projects

We Interrupt This Broadcast Podcast

Before it was history, it was news

The New York Times bestselling multimedia book, “We Interrupt This Broadcast,” with its prescient foreword by Walter Cronkite and afterword by Brian Williams, is being adapted into a podcast series, “We Interrupt This Broadcast: Before it was history, it was news.”   

Rise Above with Rudy

If you love the movie, you’re going to love the podcast!

Daniel ‘Rudy’ Ruettiger is the real-life inspiration for the iconic movie, RUDY. In this weekly podcast, Rudy continues his movie’s message of hope, perseverance, and self-reliance, by sharing the amazing and inspiring true stories of everyday people who are ‘Rudys’ in their own lives.

It's Saturday Morning!

Celebrating the Golden Era of Cartoons (1960s – 1990s)

With concept art, archival images, all-new interviews, and a foreword by Bobby’s World creator and funnyman Howie Mandel, It’s Saturday Morning! celebrates the shows, characters, songs, and commercials that made Saturday mornings a pop culture event—decade by decade.

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