Trophies and Scars: Ray Evernham

Trophies and Scars is the profoundly personal, sincere, and remarkably revealing story of the life and
times of NASCAR Hall of Famer Ray Evernham. I was honored to help
Ray tell his inspiring story.

Jeff Gordon: His Dream, Drive & Destiny

“I purposely waited until I retired from driving so the book would encompass my entire career,” says Jeff Gordon. “People are going to be able to read about me like they’ve never read about me before.”

Stay Tuned: Television’s Unforgettable Moments

Stay Tuned Joe Garner

For over 50 years, we have watched as television has entertained, informed, comforted, and thrilled us. We watched as sitcoms evolved from I Love Lucy to All in the Family: at first merely amusing, then becoming reflections of society and pushing the cultural boundaries.

Now Showing: Unforgettable Moments From The Movies

Now Showing

From our seat in the darkened theater, movies have miraculously transported us to other places, other times, other worlds. The images emanating from the big screen have seared these moments into our hearts and imaginations, becoming memories that last a lifetime.